Lauryn Mohr, Functional Practitioner and Bio-Nutritionist

Functional Practitioner, Bio-Nutritionist in Omaha, NE

Lauryn Mohr
Meet Ms. Mohr

Lauryn Mohr is our bio-nutritionist, specializing in functional medicine and creating custom nutrition programming for every patient that supports their unique hormonal profile and desired health & wellness goals.

As a high school & collegiate athlete, Lauryn has always had an interest in optimizing her own performance & health through food and fitness. She played volleyball at Concordia University – Seward where she received her Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology. She went on to the University of Missouri – Columbia to complete her published thesis and receive her Master’s degree from the Department of Exercise Physiology & Advanced Nutrition. Following her academic career, Lauryn practiced in multiple healthcare arenas including athletic clubs, cardiac rehabilitation, and diabetes education.

Through these experiences, she realized first-hand how confusing, overwhelming, and ineffective traditional “diet” strategies were for the standard patient looking for expert answers. Tired of seeing (and experiencing!) being tossed from doctor to doctor with no answer to symptom relief or concern for “root cause” care, Lauryn was determined to position herself in the healthcare field as a promoter & educator of nutrition and lifestyle as the first-line of chronic health outcomes.

Lauryn specializes in working with men & women to optimize hormone balance, improve daily symptoms, achieve body composition goals, and upgrade quality of life. Through a tailored approach centered around education, empowerment & empathy, Lauryn delivers personalized evidence-based nutrition education to every patient, with a practical strategy, that will truly transform the idea of traditional diet dogma and redefine what a “healthy” eating strategy entails.