Melissa Prickett, APRN

Nurse Practitioner in Omaha, NE

Melissa Prickett, APRN
Meet Ms. Prickett

Melissa Prickett, APRN, is a skilled and dedicated family nurse practitioner specializing in anti-aging, hormone health, primary care, and aesthetics.

Melissa provides high quality and compassionate care to all patients at Re-new Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.

Melissa is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, where she knew from a young age that caring for people was her passion. She started her health care path as a certified nursing assistant, learning the ropes of the medical field.

In 2011, Melissa completed her licensed practical nursing degree at Southeast Community College. She launched herself into learning anything and everything she could about primary care and how to care for the individual, not just gender or age.

In 2015, Melissa graduated from Clarkson College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). She worked on the Pediatric medical-surgical floor out of school, then transferred to the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. She helped establish and open a new Pediatric ICU at Boy’s Town National Research Hospital.

In 2019, Melissa completed her master's Degree in Nursing (MSN) from Clarkson College, specializing in Family Practice. She started her nurse practitioner career working in neurology, where she learned that if the brain is not happy, nothing else in the body will function appropriately.

Melissa found herself struggling with brain fog, low energy, and substantial hair loss, especially after having back-to-back pregnancies. She, herself, was a patient at Re-new initially and recognized the need for hormonal supplementation along with instituting a healthy lifestyle.

Determined to help clients feel their best and help navigate clients through this new health journey together, Melissa is focused on providing individualized care and promoting an environment of education and autonomy. Her interests include hormone replacement, aesthetic procedures, primary care, nutrition, hair loss, and hair restoration.